“In” the Box

“Mad Dog and Big Guy are: “In” the Box” is an upbeat comedy in which two clowns enter the stage and do their level best to leave.  The road ahead is fraught with confusion, and the dangers of snacktime are many; it’s better to stick together.  When all else fails, they have each other… which might not be saying much.  The show features music, dance, slapstick, and saltine crackers.

Greg Maupin and Matt Chapman premiered the show in 2002, and toured occasionally for two years.  After a short break, they remounted it in 2011 at Dell’Arte International in California.

“In” the Box played 2002-2004 and 2011 at: Collective:Unconscious (NYC); Williamsburg Art NeXus (Brooklyn); Some Bar’s Backyard (Brooklyn); The Arc (Arc Haven, Maine); Vinal Haven, Maine; Arcata Community Hall (Arcata, CA), and Dell’Arte International (Blue Lake, CA.)