MONSTER features the ragtag crew of a submarine that routinely dumps the world’s trash in the ocean at the behest of The Council, a band of evil/idiotic world rulers. But a routine mission goes haywire when the crew finds that the trash hole has come alive and threatens to eat…EVERYTHING! It’s Captain Hab who commandeers his trusty sub The Lusty Lemon along with officers Steve (an engineer with special powers), Spoon Jones (a mad scientist with mother issues), and Rip Eye (a self-made soldier/total scaredy cat). Can the crew of the Lusty Lemon stop the trash hole monster before it – or The Council – destroy the world?

MONSTER is a show for young audiences, ages 6-10, produced by and made in collaboration with Filuren – a theatre in Aarhus, Denmark dedicated to presenting quality theatre for young people. Under the Table creators/performers Josh Matthews, Sarah Petersiel, Matt Chapman and Molly Armstrong join a Danish director and crew to present this comically cautionary tale about cause, effect, and trash hole monsters. The story is told through physical theatre, toy theatre, live projection, and animation. Up to 60 audience members “board” the enclosed submarine set and join the crew, helping Captain Hab and company in their efforts to save the day!

MONSTER played in 2013 at: Filuren (Aarhus, DK).