The Only Friends We Have

"Smart, funny...inspired"
-Edmonton Journal

"An ensemble-created piece of hilarity"

"Fantastic use of physical comedy"

“Experts in their craft” -CBC

The Only Friends We Have is a dark and physical comedy about three eccentric friends determined to be happy, in spite of each other. It’s Claudia’s birthday – though a full year hasn’t passed. In fact, it’s only been a week since she last declared it time to celebrate. Norman, aiming to please, is sure to disappoint and it’s hapless Jonathan who will take the fall. Witness a trio who wishes they could escape a cycle of doomed magic shows, uncomfortable roleplay, and total melt-downs!

The Only Friends We Have, created by the performers, relies heavily on absurdity and slapstick as the characters use violence to express their feelings: a plank to the foot, a trash can to the face, and handcuffs with “missing” keys. There are softer (still ridiculous) moments as well, and the show turns out to be: “in its slam-bang way, an elegant exploration of the real-world dynamics of friendship.” (Winnipeg Free Press).

Only Friends played 2008-2010 at: Dell’Arte International (Blue Lake, CA), HERE Arts (New York, NY), Theaterlab (New York, NY), FURY Factory (San Francisco, CA), California Summer School for the Arts (Los Angeles, CA), COHO Productions (Portland, OR), Berkshire Fringe Festival (Great Barrington, MA), Winnipeg Fringe Festival (Winnipeg, MB), Edmonton Fringe Festival (Edmonton, AB), Saskatoon Fringe Festival (Saskatoon, SK), Filuren (Aarhus, DK), Festicaribe (Santa Marta, COL) and Teatro Libre (Bogotá, COL).