Thief Society

"A show worth investing in"
-Matt Chapman

"Bound to make our significant others laugh"
-Josh Matthews

"Has anyone seen my kibble?"
-Sarah Petersiel


Presenting a new physical comedy about an art heist gone stupid. Sarah Petersiel, Josh Matthews, and Matt Chapman play: Gretchen (Heist Mastermind), Arnauld (Chief Rigger), and Hans (Gear Squire/Seasonal Intern) – three thieves intent on becoming members of the exclusive Thief Society. To prove their worth, the trio sets their sights on the renowned painting “Goat on the Wind.” Only a moderately secured building stands in their way except for also standing in their way is Gretchen’s obsession with her Thief Society status, Arnauld’s over-confidence bordering on detachment, and Hans’ lack of self-esteem dating back to childhood. Thief Society is an inventive, theatrical take on the heist genre!

Thief Society has played: SAFEhouse Arts (San Francisco, CA), Studio 81 at The Applecore Fringe (Placerville, CA), the California State Summer School of the Arts (Santa Clarita, CA), and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Greensboro, NC).

This project has received crucial support from:
The Clorox Company Foundation
NET (The Network of Ensemble Theaters)
The Puffin Foundation
A.C.T.’S Community Space Sharing Initiative
The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre
SAFEhouse Art’s RAW (Resident Artist Workshop) Program
The University of Idaho

And the following individuals: Jane Nichols, Polly Frost, Lauren Jost, Hilary Chaplain, Sarah Kozinn, Mark Levy, Michael Christensen, Helle Larsen, Brenda Withers, Ben Jackson, Amy Virginia Buchanan, Angela Jervey, Sarah Dey Hirshan, Gabe Soll, Doug and Donna Hurd, The Nimm, Carrie Dubois-Shaw, C and A, Sara Katzoff, Maria Peyramaure, Zach Morris, LC Marks, Lindsey B Maliekel, Gregory Maupin, Kelly Smith, Yana Calou, Meghan Frank, MK Ramming, Kate Marks, Brendan McMahon, Dallas Clow, Amy Jo McCarville, Dianne Willisko, Joe Krienke and Stephanie Thompson, L Richerson, Samir Chopra, Susan Markman, Julie Pasqual, Barry Blumenfeld, Vincenzo Peruggia, the Monkey, Lauren S, Claire Moodey, David Usui, Caitlin Hurd, Elizabeth Armstrong, Katherine Pryor, Sonja Mata, Hilary Near, Bri Baltes, Jeffrey F. Raz, Lou Watson, Rachel Resnik, Yiouli Archontaki, Troy Davidson, Sabrina Wenske, Moses Norton, Ben Weber, Ringo and Anna, Kristie Vuocolo, Kate Turnbull, dashboard savior, Zach Grosser, Melissa Johnson, Jenny the Juggler, Andrew Woolner, Stephanie Roberts, Betsye Sargent, Marcia Chapman, Dave Zackin and Abi Cohen, Nicholas Trotter, Eric Davis, Cat Burglar, Michael Hamilton, The Wonderheads, John and Lara, Jenny Selig, Robert Stevenson, Otto and Astrid Rot, Jean Cocuzzo, Mamalama, Harvey Petersiel, Louise Bauer, Joe Kolbow, Elizabeth Armstrong, Nancy Payne, Rachel Bay Harris, Carrie Harvilla, sugabeat, lizardbird, John Mermin, Cara Sucia, Eleni Zaharopoulos, Michael Jay Garner, Jon S, Jack/David and Charlie Whitepaw, Brad Aldous, Ina Strauss, Julie Douglas and several masters of disguise…